Thursday September 1, 2016

The Phone Call

By Tony Narducci

When you walk on campus for the first time as a freshman, there are so many different things running through your head. Where is St. Joseph’s Hall? What time is breakfast over at Marycrest? What am I going to do this weekend? I wonder how my family is doing? And so many others. One thing that you’re 100% not thinking about is this: “Man, I should start looking for places to intern..” At this point of my life, I barely even knew what an internship was.

The minute I became a Sport Management major at UD in the second semester of my freshman year, I was handed a major curriculum by my advisor. I was immediately overwhelmed. The courses, the hours, the credits; I had no idea what any of this stuff meant. Towards the bottom of the page were 3 separate internships/TA positions we had to fill upon graduation. Wow, that really blew me away. What is an internship? What does it entail? How long will it take to get the credit? Where do you get an internship with? How do you do that? So much stress and anxiety ate at me for a couple days before I decided to talk with my advisor.

After discussions, I decided to TA for one credit and intern twice for the other two. I decided to TA for a Sport and Facility course in the Spring of my sophomore year, intern for the Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau for the second, and was in search of internship number three to finish off the internship credits.

Being a Sport Management major, most assume that all majors end up working in sports. This isn’t always true, as many of those in the major end up working for different companies seeking people with different mindsets. For me, my dream is to work for a professional sports team, and I was seeking that opportunity for my final internship this past summer.

I flew out to a couple different places to interview with some very prestigious sports organizations, but nothing really came through with those internships. I was flustered, and had applied to a little over to 20 separate organizations from Lacrosse to Baseball, all over the board. When my frustrations became to the point of starting to look for something outside of sports, I received an email from the Charlotte Hornets sales staff seeking a phone interview with me. I didn’t have my hopes that high, considering of the tradition and outstanding sales program the organization has, but I killed the phone interview and was welcomed to a Skype interview. A few days later, I was made an offer from the organization and was there all summer.

When I was a freshman, I never would have thought I’d intern for an NBA team in Charlotte for 4 months. It was an experience I will truly never forget. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and stress to freshman coming into the university to get out there and experience the world and chase your dreams. College will be hectic at times, but other times rewarding like the call I received from the Charlotte Hornets regarding my position offer for the summer.


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