Monday September 28, 2015

The Toughest College Choice

By Tony Narducci

Many students struggle with choosing a major from the time they graduate high school to the time they are a sophomore at UD. It's pretty scary for most students, including myself, to try to decide what we would like to do in the future. You can be a teacher, a businessman, or even a personal trainer. The choices are endless, so it is extremely crucial to go out and investigate what you would like to do. The University of Dayton gives you all sorts of opportunities to help you go out and find what major is just right for you. Although I did not attend, the university just had a Choosing a Major Workshop, where speakers and representatives from different majors will come in and speak with you. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their specific field, and what you may be able to do with that major.

Given my grades, I was not immediately accepted to my field of choice. My GPA did not meet the criteria of being a Health and Sports Science Major. The field that I wanted to go into was Sport Management, a field I had heard about from a family friend that intrigued me as soon as I heard about it. After getting the grades that I needed to transfer into the program, I loved the classes and look forward to attending classes on a daily basis. There is just one small problem. I still do not know entirely what I would like to do with my life after I graduate from UD.

Many students struggle to find majors, like I mentioned earlier. A roommate of mine, that I am living with for the second year, is still struggling with really what major he wants. He has been in the school of business since we arrived on campus in 2013. He has been taking different types of business classes to decide his major, although he is still unsure of what exact path he would like to take.

Another thing that is okay that most students get a little frightened over is changing your major after your freshman or sophomore year. I know some students who have come in as pre-physical therapy majors and are now in the school of business. I also know some that started out in the school of business and are now in the school of education. Like I mentioned before, choosing a major is incredibly difficult for most. I was fortunate to already have a great idea of what I wanted to do in my head, so things weren't as difficult for me when I had the required grades to switch up my major.

 All in all, my advice is to stay focused thinking about a specific job you would like and find job postings for the particular job. In the job description, it should say something about a major preferred or major required for being qualified for the position. If the job description does not say anything about a major, a company loves when you call and ask questions about their job description. It shows that you have taken initiative and that you care. Because when that day comes that you are out in the real world, you want a major that will prepare you for that next step.

The University of Dayton gives you many different opportunities, as we currently have 76 majors at the undergraduate level. Although it can be very hard to choose a major, it will be well worth it when you enjoy learning about your specific subject.


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