Wednesday November 11, 2015

This Break is Needed...Bad!

By Tony Narducci

Wow. That's all I can think about now realizing that I am registering for my second semester of Junior year.

Lately, I've been just exhausted! I have been up late, trying to train for a race I'm doing over Thanksgiving break, and working a lot of hours as the Flag Football season nears end. Holy buckets!

With all of this going on, I really need Thanksgiving to be sooner than later. I haven't been home for close to four months. That's crazy to think, and it's the longest I have gone without being home in my life. Typically, my mother convinces me to come home for fall break, but I stayed on campus this year. I'm super excited to see my family, though. This is the time of year that as a student, you really get overwhelmed. Those big projects that were assigned at the beginning of the semester are quickly approaching there due dates, and me personally am going for the best semester I have ever had at UD. I have A's in 4 of my 5 classes right now, and really pushing to raise my grade in the class that I do not have an A in. This year though, I only have one final exam during finals week! Wow, better enjoy that while I have it because it won't happen again.

Along with being crazy busy with school, my favorite time of year begins this Friday night. The men's basketball regular season officially opens, and I can hardly wait. My legs are bouncing up and down typing this right now because I just can't contain my excitement. We won our first scrimmage last Saturday afternoon, and it was a great kick off for us! I sat in my typical front row seat and screamed my head off for more than 40 minutes. But for those that really know me, what else is new?

I think right now I am just as excited for the men's basketball season to start as I am to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's crazy to think that this semester is almost over when I really think about it. So many great memories have been made this semester, that's for sure. I had my first total mess up in the kitchen (and many more), learned to live without a Resident Assistant regularly checking in on me to ensure that my roommates and I were doing okay, and got used to the idea of having a washer and dryer in my house, which is awesome. 

I think everyone needs a break from everything every once in a while. Those that have regular jobs need their breaks to reboot and refuel, and that's exactly why I love Thanksgiving break. I need that reboot of my mind to let it relax for awhile before coming back to school and crushing the rest of the semester. I also need to refuel myself with some good Thanksgiving food, which is much better than heating up a Tyson chicken patty in the oven (don't get me wrong, they are fantastic).

Till next week, I'm signing off for now! Next week I'll talk about the Dayton-Alabama game! 


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