Monday August 29, 2016

Where Are My Books?

By Tony Narducci

I can’t believe week one of my senior year is in the books. What a journey it has been so far, and I am so excited for my final ride at UD. I’m so blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend UD the last three years of my life. The people, the atmosphere, and the community around me has changed my perception of life and given me lifelong friends all in one. But, let’s not forget I still have a year left at this beautiful place I call home.

               Last Thursday I didn’t have any classes. My schedule is stuffed Monday Wednesday’s and Friday’s, but nothing is going on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I realized last Thursday that I had not yet gotten my books, and had a bit of reading to do for that Friday. That time of year was here, the time to go get my books for the semester.

               I made the warm trek from Keifaber (the street in front of the Rec, and the new street that I will call home this year) up to Marianist to get my books. It was great walking in, feeling the cool fresh air the building has and walking past the new and improved Emporium. It’s beautiful, but I’ll save my experience there for my next blog. Walking into the bookstore, it was stuffed with students! I guess everyone had the same exact time to go and get their books too. But, being a senior I knew my way around upstairs and was able to get them swiftly.

               I am honored, humbled, and incredibly happy to have a $500 book scholarship to UD. It has helped me so much and given me the chance to not stress about paying thousands of dollars for my books. That $500 comes in clutch, even with those students that major in departments that require many textbooks that cost a little more money. Along with the scholarship, there are also many student employees at the bookstore ready to help. Even as a senior, I struggle with remembering where certain items are. They are great, especially as I saw many incoming freshmen lost and confused as to where the books they needed ultimately were.

Overall, my experience getting books this year was incredibly quick and easy thanks to me being a senior. Something I suggest to all incoming students is to order your books online before getting to campus your freshman year. Once your schedule is released, you will be able to see the books that you need for classes. It makes it so much less stressful on yourself with all the other crazy things going on that day if you just order your books ahead of time. You’ll be dealing with crying mothers (at least I did..), trying to meet all your new friends on your floor, and trying to figure out what the heck college is.


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