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President March 14, 2019
In the Game
The television camera caught me spontaneously lifting my hands up in disbelief and complaining about a referee’s call during a close Dayton Flyers women’s basketball game against the Saint Joseph Hawks earlier this season. In my defense, I bleed red and blue.
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President March 04, 2019
Reaching Out

When University of Dayton students meet with patients to assess their conditions at Reach Out’s free clinic, they’re learning skills that go well beyond the textbook. They’re cultivating — and practicing — compassion and empathy as they help provide care and a safety net for the most vulnerable in our community.

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President February 28, 2019
Hate Has No Home Here

Hate and bigotry have no place in our community, our campus, or our hearts. In a letter to the campus community, I share a statement about an upcoming white supremacist rally downtown and encourage us to peacefully make our voices heard.

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President February 26, 2019
Closing the Gap

Many colleges and universities have been slow to remove barriers to a high-quality college degree for talented, low- and moderate-income students. At the University of Dayton, we’re squarely focused on ensuring access for talented students no matter their ZIP code.

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President February 19, 2019

As I take in the breathtaking beauty of the sun peeking over the chapel as I walk to my office, I sometimes pause and imagine what could be. I envision a future where every talented student who desires a University of Dayton degree can pursue it — without worrying about debt. I have faith that will happen.


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President February 11, 2019
Dancing for the Kids

I didn’t have to dance my way out of a makeshift “jail” in Kennedy Union ballroom during last year’s Flyerthon. I just had to post bail (!), but being “locked up” gave me a chance to glimpse the love and compassion of University of Dayton students as they literally danced the night away.

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President February 08, 2019
Models of Servant-Leadership

In one of the most joyful evenings on campus every year, we honor two outstanding servant-leaders who reflect our Catholic, Marianist mission in their daily lives. The 2019 Lackner Award recipients, Corinne Daprano and Bill Fischer, lead with integrity, humility, and caring hearts.

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President February 04, 2019
The Bader Burger

Not every University of Dayton student has a sandwich named after him. But not every student is Bader Almuntafkey, a personable cook at Passports restaurant in Virginia W. Kettering Residence Hall. He juggles studying mechanical and aerospace engineering with creating chicken shawarma, kebabs and his signature Arabic burger so tasty that students line up for it after he spreads the word on social media.

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President January 28, 2019
Every Life a Masterpiece

Dom Sanfilippo ’16 likes to share a story about Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, M.H.S.H., who ostensibly knows everyone at the Vatican. “Peering up at Pope Francis sharing the papal balcony with a woman, a bystander in the crowd at St. Peter’s Square asked, ‘Who’s that guy up there with Sister Angela Ann?’” joked Dom, one of her former students.

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President January 23, 2019
Chaos or Community?

If we don’t want chaos, we must choose community and build a bigger tent — a larger circle of care and a place for all to thrive. That’s the challenge Beverly Daniel Tatum, one of the country’s premier scholars on race relations and former president of Spelman College, delivered at UD’s annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prayer breakfast.

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