Monday February 5, 2018

Let Us Become Known...

By Eric F. Spina

More than 100 University of Dayton faculty and staff helped "tell the UD story" last year. It's a story of growing national and global leadership.

"Let us become known, nationally and globally, as THE University for the Common Good."

That is an aspiration I urged during my inaugural speech nearly a year ago. It is the cornerstone of our strategic vision.

On campus, we are working hard to make a University of Dayton education affordable and accessible to all who are qualified and our campus more diverse from the boardroom to the student body.

And we know our faculty and staff are developing excellent, new learning and teaching models that engage students, provide them with experiential learning opportunities, prepare them for servant-leadership roles, and enhance the dialogue between faith and reason, a centerpiece of Catholic intellectual tradition.

But to be known, nationally and globally, we also need the collective efforts of our campus community to share our accomplishments and expertise.

“Telling the UD Story 2016-17” reflects those efforts, for which I'm very thankful.

More than 100 faculty, staff and students helped affirm our growing academic and research reputation. They translated often-complex research into easy-to-understand terms, and helped communicate our Catholic, Marianist philosophy of education as well as our efforts to be a more affordable, diverse University.

Let's keep this momentum rolling; help us continue telling the University of Dayton story and spreading our reputation as a learning community striving to transform the world.

Please view and share this video that summarizes our excellent media coverage with your colleagues, friends, and family.

And if you have any story ideas, pass them along to

I am grateful for the gifts you bring to our work together — every day.

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