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It's time for Fun Friday!  Once a month we will be hosting Fun Friday.  Posts will feature what's new and exciting in the technology world!  This month our focus will be the Next Generation of Gaming Consoles.

Gamers Must Prepare for Next Generation of Consoles

As we move further into 2013, the mystery surrounding the next generation of home gaming consoles is starting to become clearer. We already have the Wii U, a device capable of using motion controls (much like its predecessor, the Wii) for a fun and entertaining experience aimed at family oriented gamers.  However, the consoles that dedicated gamers are waiting on are the sequels to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360; the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, respectively.  These two systems will compete directly with the Wii U in the mainstream home console market.

PS4For some people the thought of already upgrading to a new game system may seem daunting.  The extended lifetime of the PlayStation 2 (A production run-time of 13 years) has jaded consumers into expecting consoles with longevity.  The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were estimated to have lifespans stretching across 10 years, and although the Xbox is now 8 and the PS3 is 7, the initial cost of these systems will leave some users frustrated ($400 for the Xbox 360, $600 for the PS3).  Although neither of these next generation consoles have been officially announced nor any details given, the general public has little to go on, with only leaks and rumors providing support.  Currently, gaming enthusiasts are reeling from the PlayStation 4 announcement made on February 20th.

For the average college student the news that these new consoles are coming so soon receives mixed reviews.  Though most gamers are always excited to see progress, better graphics, and more games, the financial feasibility of owning these systems is wishful thinking (The rumored price for the PS4 is around $400). The news is also bitter for early adopters of the PS3 and Xbox 360, who although have had their systems for the consoles supposed lifetime, have also experienced system bugs, hardware failures, expiring warranties, and lack of software and games to play on day one.

For the everyday consumer this news will not come as a surprise; Companies are always motivated to innovate and move forward. The speed may not be convenient for consumers, but the release of these consoles has no timeline.  All current news can only be speculation, which will almost certainly change over the coming months.  If you are planning to purchase either one or both of these systems in the future, start saving your money soon!

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