Fun Friday: Playstation Plus

Playstation Plus is a Paid online service provided by Sony Computer Entertainment purposed for their Playstation line of products. Introduced in 2010 as an optional service, it provided free games, discounts, and access to events and beta testing for certain applications. Since then, it has grown to be a foundation of the Playstation experience. The service has matured over the last few years, and as of November 2013, is required to play online using the Playstation 4. Although some might be drawn away by the “required” moniker, the service is still famous for its excellent selection of monthly free games, discounts, and sales. The free games provided stretch across the PS3, PSP, PS4, and PS Vita systems, and can be downloaded to each device multiple times. The service has a subscription fee of $49.99 dollars for 12 months, or 17.99 for a 3 month membership.

Playstation Plus Picture

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