Tuesday January 17, 2017

Resolve to Be Cyber-Mindful

Happy New Year! Hopefully you’ve received your 2017 “Becoming Cyber-Mindful” wall calendar (check for them wherever you receive your campus mail). In addition to keeping us straight about what day it is, those beauties set the scene for some of the safe computing topics we’ll talk about -- and practice -- this year.

Your safe computing team is kicking off 2017 with two safe computing resolutions:

First: We will get our passwords in line. If you’re like us, you’ve got usernames and passwords to a few billion sites and services floating around your head (or your post-it pile). Password management is a huge topic but, like eating an elephant, we’re going to tackle it a bite at a time this year. Below, we’ll take the first step in getting our passwords under control.

Second: We will beef up our phish detection skills. Last year’s phish training illuminated our collective “weak spots” with respect to social engineering ploys. This year, we’ll resolve to strengthen those particular detection muscles -- in 7 easy exercises!

So, two exciting cyber-mindful aspirations for 2017. We hope you’ll resolve along with us.


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