Mac Monday: Properly Eject External Devices

It is easy to yank out a flash drive or external hard drive. Perhaps you have not yet experienced what happens when doing that while a file is still open. Take the extra few seconds to properly eject external devices. This greatly reduces the chance of data loss and reduction of device integrity. Learn more in a MacWorld article - http://www.macworld.com/article/3012984/macs/how-to-eject-a-disk-properly-on-os-x.html

Make Use Of provides a unique explanation of the protocols and differences in what devices should be ejected versus what can just be yanked. Take a few moments to look at the article - http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/really-need-eject-flash-drive-device-removing/.

If you have a stubborn storage device that will not eject make sure you empty the trash and power off the computer to safely remove the device. Keep in mind files put in the trash that were stored on the external media are in the hidden trash folder of the external media. Remember to empty the trash before ejecting the device.otherwise next time you plug in your device the trash will reappear in the trash icon on the Mac and if you fail to notice you may wonder why your device is out of space when it appears to be empty.


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