Thursday February 9, 2017

Is Your Password Strong Enough?

Your UD password is used to access a lot of sensitive information about yourself, including grades, emails, and billing information, just to name a few. Since your UD password is set to expire once a year, its a good idea to think of a couple of ways to make sure your UD password is strong.

  1. Password Length: UD requires a minimum of 8 characters, but feel free to add a few more, the longer the password, the harder it is to crack.
  2. Password Complexity: UD passwords must include at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character and one digit. You can make it a little more complex by adding any of the following special characters — ! : _ { }

In case you forget your password or it expires before you get a chance to change it, you can log into and click on the "Forgotten or Expired Password" link and you can change your password after you correctly answer your security questions.

If it has been a year or so since you answered your security questions, feel free to log into and update the answers.

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