Technology Donations and the Community

Did you know that UDit donates used computer equipment to nonprofit organizations in the greater Dayton area? Organizations who have received donations include Harry Russell Elementary in West Carrolton, Dayton International School in Centerville, Blanchester Friends Housing, and Bethany Church of Christ, to name a few. This service enables UDit to do several things.

First, help the surrounding community. In a world with an ever-growing focus on technology, life can become much harder without access to a computer. Providing computers to local non-profits allow people to apply for jobs, complete class work, and learn new skills valuable in today’s job market. For example, Harry Russell’s computer’s were deployed for classroom use. They allow students to familiarize themselves with basic computer use and allow them to play educational games to build math, reasoning, and reading skills.

Second, donating equipment helps UDit to follow the University of Dayton’s Green Initiative. Rather than throwing away fully functional equipment and creating unnecessary waste, Un-needed technology is given a new home where it will be used. If technology cannot be donated it is responsibly recycled with certified vendors. If you or someone you know has a non-profit in need of technology please visit our donation page at: https://udayton.edu/udit/computing_printing/nonporfit_donation.php

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