Spring Clean Your Machine

Phil saw his shadow last month, but don't lose hope - spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes cleaning! This month, take a few minutes to dust off your desktop, tidy your tablet, neaten your notebook and mop your mobile (metaphorically, of course). A few suggestions to get you started:

Phones & Tablets

  • Update your apps and operating system
  • Delete apps you no longer use; update the ones you do
  • Set a PIN, fingerprint or password to lock your phone
  • Encrypt your phone. iPhones are auto-encrypted; Androids: go to "settings" - "storage" - "phone storage encryption"
  • Install anti-virus (Avast and Lookout are two good options)
  • Delete wireless networks you don’t regularly use and disable “auto-connect” (Here’s why. And How >>)
  • Turn off bluetooth and near-field communications (NFC) if you don’t use them

Desktops & Laptops

  • Log out of your UD machine nightly to receive automated updates (and, if prompted to install a software update and reboot during the day, say yes!)
  • Have a UD-owned laptop? Make sure it’s been loaded with encryption software (check with our IT Service Center if you’re not sure)
  • Back up important, irreplaceable files somewhere offline (like an external hard drive or encrypted USB)
  • Check for updates to your home machine’s anti-virus, operating system and other software
  • Scan your home computer for signs of trouble with free computer security check-up tools, courtesy of Stay Safe Online

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