Wednesday April 19, 2017

Keeping Apple Devices Virus Free

In one of our previous posts, we covered some ways of getting malicious apps and viruses off the android OS. But some of you may have wondered “I have an Apple, what can I do”? The iOS that comes installed on Apple tablets and phones is rather secure. Periodic updates ensure that your device has all of the fixes and security patches Apple has released. But, if for some reason you are experiencing re-directs, the issue may be with an app. The main way an app can become compromised is through a developer tool in the app. Usually this can be resolved by either updating the app (if the app developers have noticed the threat and fixed it) or by un-installing the app. The way iOS is structured prevents one app from taking over the entire device. In short, if you keep your device updated your device should remain secure. Thank you for reading!

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