Scam of the Month: Tech Support Sabotage

“I just received a voicemail that said it was an emergency - the license key for Microsoft Windows was due to expire - and I should call 1-800-XXX-XXXX.”

That’s one variation of the many technical support scams going around, recently reported by a cyber-mindful UD colleague. Unfortunately, we've seen faculty, staff and students alike fall for these (even some of our own parents).

There are a few flavors of this scam. You might receive a phone call from a “helpful” tech offering to fix a problem if you’ll just allow remote access to your computer. Or you might be presented with an intimidating pop-up screen warning that something dire is about to happen. . . unless you call their tech support line immediately.

The bottom line? Legitimate companies like Apple, Dell or Microsoft won’t cold call you to fix problems on your computer. And they’re not likely to harass you with a giant pop-up advertising their support number, either. If you suspect a problem, call the IT Service Center instead.

Some additional information for you:

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