Monday May 1, 2017

EtreCheck - Give Your Mac an Exam

As the spring 2017 term comes to an end consider giving your Mac an exam of sorts. This free comprehensive tool you download to your Mac or to an external device will run a series of built in Apple tests that check for hardware and software issues. EtreCheck runs on any Mac OS 10.6 or newer with an Intel processor.

Obtain EtreCheck from - The main landing page presents a bulleted list of the product features. The report displayed after you run the tool will let you know the status of the battery health and internal storage drive, RAM upgrade instructions and warranty information along with other hardware and software information. This is a tool you can run as often as you desire to know information about your Mac.

The tool will even find some adware. If it does find anything it is best to use other tools designed for the identification and removal of malware including adware. Avast and MalwareBytes are two free tools that give excellent results.

Geeks who would like a technical in depth explanation of EtreCheck may visit -

Members of the UD Community (faculty, Marianists, staff and students) may visit the UDit Service Center if you would like assistance understanding the report results or just have a need for technical support.

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