Cybermindful on the Road

Cyber-mindful on the Road

It’s the time of year when we pack up our sunscreen and suitcases to visit exciting new locales for a brief summer respite. But when traveling, don’t forget to pack your cyber-mindfulness! If you’re taking tech on your trek:

  • Back everything up before you go
  • Update software and apps before departure
  • Enable screen locks and passwords
  • Leave devices with sensitive data at home (or remove the data)
  • Make digital copies of important documents like passports, visas and important phone numbers in case of an emergency
  • Avoid using public wi-fi and computers for sensitive transactions like banking or shopping (take this 7-question quiz to test your knowledge of public wi-fi safety).
  • Consider bringing a portable USB charging device in case your battery dies at an inconvenient time
  • Wait until you’re home to post details of your trip on social media
I don't bring my work phone on vacation. If it's an emergency, call my shell.

2FA on the Go
If you’ll be accessing UD resources while traveling, like your UD mail or Isidore, you’ll need to bring your 2FA device along for the ride. If that’s your smartphone, remember it can issue a passcode (just like a token) with no cell or wi-fi connectivity. Just open the Duo app and click the “key” icon to generate a 6-digit number you can type into the 2FA authentication screen.

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