Tuesday September 5, 2017

Mac Monday - SPSS 24

SPSS Mac and Windows versions are available for all faculty, staff and students to install on personally owned computing devices as well as UD owned devices. This is the first year UD is offering the Mac version. Visit http://software.udayton.edu to download the software for personally owned devices. Contact the UDit Service Center to request installation on UD owned devices.

SPSS can be used to perform data entry and analysis and to create tables and graphs. SPSS is commonly used in the Social Sciences and in the business world, so familiarity with this program should serve you well in the future. This software is a requirement in a few classes at UD and is used by many doing research.

IBM SPSS 24 Documentation 

Take advantage of available on demand training to learn begin or expand your understanding of this application.

SPSS 24 - Basics

Experimental Analysis with SPSS 24

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