Tuesday September 12, 2017

The Phish Commish Says: Would You Know if Your Email Was Hacked?

We’re getting pretty good at scenting the signs of a phishy email. But, if one stinky click landed you in a scammer’s phish-bowl, how would you know?

This summer, the cybersecurity company Impervia explored that very question by maintaining almost a hundred fake accounts and leaking the passwords online for hackers to encounter. Their experiment showed criminals “first and foremost are looking for sensitive information, such as passwords and credit cards numbers”. No surprise there, right?

Helpful for all us with real accounts, though, the Impervia team identified “Three Telltale Signs a Hacker Has Been in Your Account” (because, as it turns out, over 80% of those lazy hackers don’t bother covering their tracks).

Telltale Signs Your Email Has Been Hacked:

  1. Suspicious sign-in email alerts in your inbox or trash
  2. Messages marked as read that you didn’t read
  3. Sent items you didn’t send
  4. Delivery failure notification messages

If you see a sign (and are we the only ones who hear this when we read that?), change your password immediately and keep an eye on your other online accounts for potential cross-compromise.

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