OS 10.13 High Sierra Now Available: What You Need to Consider Before Upgrading

Apple released MacOS 10.13 High Sierra on Monday September 25, 2017. UDit immediately began testing systems used commonly by students as well as faculty and staff. Testing is complete for Microsoft Office 2016 installation on clean installs of 10.13. iPrint for network printing appears to work however not all printers across campus have been tested. There are still a large number of systems and applications to test. The general rule of thumb is never to install a brand new OS on your production machine, meaning the one you depend on for school, work & daily life purposes. If you want to check out the new OS on a Mac visit Anderson Center 028 during open hours.

Considering an upgrade? Remember to back up your important files - documents, music, photos, videos, browser bookmarks and so on. Use Time Machine which backs up everything including your current OS, applications, settings, user profiles and files. Plug in a blank Mac formatted external hard drive. A prompt will ask if you want to use the drive for Time Machine. Note this will only back up a Mac formatted partition. If you have a Windows partition on your Mac it is highly advised that you refrain from upgrading the Mac OS unless you are prepared to visit the IT Service Center because the upgrade may break the boot record that provides access to Windows.

Contact the UDit Service Center with any questions and to share feedback if you have already installed or plan to install High Sierra.
http://udayton.edu/udit | 937-229-3888 | itservicecenter@udayton.edu

Learn more about the OS from Apple.

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