Are You Smarter than Your Home?

We live in a day and age where we might be asking ourselves this very question. Within the past couple of years, the term "Smart Home" has been taking over our residences and the market. Smart home appliances are constantly being created to provide a customer with an ease of accessibility and control over their home. From smart lightbulbs that adjust to the time of day to a fridge that knows when you need to order a new gallon of milk, having a smart home is the way of the future. Voice assistance such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Home provide a user the easiest control over their home through voice commands. These devices have the internet at their disposal when looking up requested information such as the weather or your schedule for the day. This product essentially acts as the brain of your home, connecting all your smart home appliances together and ultimately connecting you with them.

The self-learning aspect of some of these devices is what makes them truly extraordinary.  Take the Samsung Flex Refrigerator for instance, it is a smart fridge designed to know what you need before you realize it. A smart refrigerator can identify certain products within your refrigerator and notify you one when certain items, like milk, will be expiring or when you would need to purchase a new item because you are running out. The smart fridge also doubles as a tablet for you to order ingredients and other products straight from it without ever having to switch devices.

Smart Thermostats, such as Nest, have been able to revolutionize the central A/C and heating of home since its inception. This device is able to learn what temperature you like best and set your home to that temperature based on your recent inputs and help you choose energy efficient temperatures. Smart Thermostats may be expensive, but they eventually pay for themselves with the energy and money you save per month!

Amazon is the best place to buy your smart home tech. If you have some free time go ahead and browse some of their appliances. They always love adding devices and bundling them with their Alexa products for great prices!
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