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Witch Email is a Scam?

Phishing messages are designed to steal your information or download malware to your computer by tempting us to reply or click mindlessly on links and attachments. And phish don’t just show up in your email - your phone can be vehicle for phishing, too!

Phishers are always creating new tactics to try and steal your information. Your best bet for avoiding their “nets” is taking time to think before you click on anything.

  • When you receive a message, stop and think:
    • Was I expecting this message?
    • Is this message pressuring me to take action quickly?
    • Is this message relevant to me?
  • It might look legit at first glance, but this is a phisher’s attempt to replicate an email from a trusted website. The following red flags should tip you off:
    • It’s not addressed to anyone in particular
    • It carries neither a name nor an eBay login name
    • It threatens account suspension if you don’t act quickly

But we all know practice makes perfect. You’ll find more practice emails to test your phishing IQ here >>

And if you receive a suspicious email? Report it.

10 tips for escaping internet phishers

1.     Delete e-mails from unknown senders
2.    Only open expected attachments from people you know
3.    Never respond to a spam (clicking on "please remove me from your mailing list" links may result in more spam)
4.    Treat your e-mail address like a credit card number - never submit it to a person or site you do not trust
5.    Never make a purchase from a spam message
6.    Do not click links from commercial e-mails even if you trust the company; phishers can mask malicious content to look convincing from trusted sources - even the IRS!
7.    Do not provide your e-mail on public forums or web sites
8.    Do not give out your name, SSN, telephone number, street address, birth date, credit card numbers, driver's license number, or vehicle registration plate number via e-mail
9.    Keep your antivirus software and operating system current to fix and prevent vulnerabilities that spam or attachments could exploit
10.   Regularly check your free credit report here


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