Monday February 5, 2018

Mac Monday: Apple Introduces HomePod

Apple Announces HomePod Available at $349

If you are one who likes to have the latest new gadget, get in line for the Apple HomePod, which will be released on Feb. 9, 2018.  This is what one might call a speaker with intelligence.  Using Siri to respond to voice commands, you can play music, turn on and off lights in your house, set reminders, send messages and more.  Spatial awareness is no longer a concept just related to map applications. HomePod can hand off phone calls.  It also senses room ambiance to adjust for optimal sound.  

As with any electronic device, some early adopters may be disappointed due to legitimate flaws in the device, first generation limitations, or because of personal expectations that exceed the device's capability.  Others will be pleasantly thrilled with the purchase because it does more than they considered at the time of purchase, or because they only intend to use it for basic features, and therefore never discover the flaws and limitations.

Product Analysis: 

Positive review:’s-new-speaker-lives-up-to-the-hype/ar-BBIm6ni 

Negative review:

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