Three Tips to Use Your Social Media as a Resume

Everyone has Googled themselves; moreover, future employers will probably Google their employees too. The key to this is to adjust one’s presence on Social Media. Social Media is a great Networking tool. Making a Social Media platform part of your resume is a way to connect one to a variety of people.

1.     Link LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the first step to a powerful and professional online presence. By building a LinkedIn profile that highlights strengths that one has, make a person standout from other potential hires. By linking your profile to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can broaden your resume network.

2.     Promote Yourself.

Your profile is a public aspect of your life. Make it a profile that presents a strong professional individual. Follow organizations you would like to represent. Present yourself as your best self; show off a little. Give your future employers a sense of how you serve.

3.     Clean up Content

Anything put on the internet is so easily distributed. Remembering to keep social media to promote yourself is a good way to avoid incriminating or embarrassing content. By checking up on tagged photos and posting photos of your “best self” allows for a widening of your social media platform to benefit your employment opportunities.

Social media is one of the easiest ways of finding out more about a person. Use all the social media platforms to promote who you are. Your social media can help you or hurt you; how you use it is up to you.
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