Campus Life and Netflix!


What do UD Students do to wind down and relax after a tough day of classes, a hard practice, or all the excitement of a home basketball game? NETFLIX!...

Becoming Cyber-Mindful in 2016


The new year is always a time for resolutions, and at University of Dayton, information security improvements are taking top billing. With "cyber-mindfulness" as the goal, campus is looking to become more savvy about online risks and how to care for digital information.

Zero to printing in 2 minutes!


For all those that have struggled to install iPrint printers with OSX, your struggles are coming to an end.  Below is a speedy guide to installin...

Setting up Challenge Questions


Did you know setting up challenge questions for will allow you to reset your password for University of Dayton accounts even if y...

Upgrade to IE11 for Best Security


Starting Today, Jan. 12th, Microsoft will no longer support old versions of the Internet Explorer browser.  There are many reasons to upgrade bu...

RateMyProfessors Breach

01.07.2016 may have been breached and the email accounts and passwords of its users compromised. If you use that service, please change...

Service Center Spotlight: Jana


We have many talented student workers here at UDit and would like to share with you a little bit about them and how their experiences have helped enha...

SET Evaluations Timeline


SET will open for the standard fall term Dec. 1 and will close at 11:59 pm December 11. Feedback is anonymous and faculty reports won't be availble un...

UD Did You Know? - Open computer lab locations


Searching for an open use computer? Roesch Library has open use machines on the first floor available to anyone affiliated with the universi...

Fun Friday: Black Friday 2015


Black Friday 2015 is almost here! Believe it or not, November 2015 is already halfway over and the Holidays are arriving quickly. With this comes som...

HBO GO coming to your screen 2016!


In collaboration with Student Development & SGA, UDit hopes to enable HBO Go for viewing to all UD-residential students. The HBO contract restrict...

Service Center Spotlight: Ray


We have many talented student workers here at UDit and would like to share with you a little bit about them and how their experiences have helped enha...

Fun Friday: Customer Service Week!


To show appreciation for our loyal customers, we are having a raffle as a way to thank you for your business. There will be multiple Brown Street gift...

1st Round Draft Choices in the IT world


It isn't often when seniors get full-time job offers this early in the school year; however, our IT Service Center team has four that have already acc...

Phone scam? Here's how you know.


Have you or members of your family received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, Microsoft, Law Enforcement, etc. claiming that you are delinquent, in need of computer support, have a warrant out for your arrest or someone you know is in jail, etc. and offering to fix whatever ails you? Don't fall for it.