UD Did You Know? - Getting Started

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Check out the link below for some great tips on starting your year off right (technology-wise) here on campus! https://www.udayton.edu/udit/start/stu... More

Media Monday: Hoverboard

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Back to the Future II correctly predicted the rise in popularity of wireless video games, 3D movies, tablet computers, video conferencing, and no... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Windows 10

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If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, make sure you check out some of these quick tips to get the most out of the new operating system.  Make ... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Casey Schurig

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Name: Casey Schurig Major: Arts & Science Year: 2015 Hobbies: Fixing and repairing computers and programming. How long have you been at UD... More

Mac Monday: Encrypt iTunes Backups

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When backing up your Apple device to your computer, the default setting does not back up some of the most sensitive information, including saved passw... More

Dayton Life: Food Truck Rally and Garlic Fest

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Sample the best foods Dayton has to offer at this weekend's Sons of Italy Food Truck Rally, kicking off Garlic Fest! On Friday from 5:00-9:00, check o... More

Media Monday: Pluto and Charon

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By now you may have heard about New Horizons, a NASA spacecraft that will fly by Pluto and its moon Charon tomorrow. New Ho... More

Udit Summer of Service: The Word Is Spreading

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Through our Summer of Service charitable actions, UDit is building a network of community partners.  Our contacts with Habitat for Hu... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Recovering Word Files

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You've heard it a hundred times before - always save your documents periodically! This is best practice to avoid losing any hard work you may have don... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Asha Palanisamy

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Name: Asha Palanisamy Major: MS in Electrical Engineering Year: 2014 - 2016 Hobbies: Badminton & Card games How long have you been at UDit?  ... More

UDIT Summer of Service: Leading Community on Proper Electronic Recycling

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Back in May, UDit spent an afternoon with the East End Community Center setting up refurbished computer equipment to bolster the capabilities of their... More

Mac Monday: Calculator Modes

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The Calculator app included in OS X is more robust than what appears on the surface.  The app includes two modes, a full feature scientific calcu... More

Dayton Life: Savory Steak

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Dayton will become a little more famous in July when The Pine Club, a steakhouse near the UD campus, will be featured on The Food Network's show as o... More

Media Monday: Xbox One Backward Compatibility

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Missing the games you played on Xbox 360? Microsoft just announced at its annual E3 Conference that the Xbox One will be backwards compatible for arou... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Troubleshooting

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Learning the basic principles of troubleshooting problems is a valuable skillset that can allow you to solve issues ranging from a lawn mower that won... More


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