Quick Tip Tuesday: Mouse Shortcuts

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Many people don't know that your computer mouse can be used for more than just left and right clicking on links, tabs, and text. For example, the scro... More

Tech Thursday: Google Chrome on Windows XP

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Are you still using Windows XP? Even though Microsoft has ended online support for XP, Google is keeping it breathing - for a few more months. There ... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Lauren Zajaczkowski

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Name: Lauren Zajaczkowski  Major: Computer Information Systems Year: Junior Hobbies: cooking, watching TV, and spending time with family and ... More

Media Monday: Pac-Man on Campus

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Happy (almost) April Fool's Day! For those who think traditional Pac-Man mazes are not challenging enough, you can now make gameplay significantly mor... More

Dayton Life: Concerts, Comics, and Cons!

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Now that it's warming up, Dayton is coming back to life!  This weekend, don't miss the Gem City Comic Con at the Nutter Center.  Dress up as... More

Mac Monday: ePub

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Just as with other document types, eBooks come in a variety of file formats.  .PDF is one of the most familiar as it tends be accessible on a var... More

Fun Friday: Windows 10 Upgrade

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Do you love free things? Are you interested in the newest Windows OS? Microsoft has recently announced that it's newest update will be coming at a fa... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Processors

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An important consideration to examine before purchasing a computer is to evaluate what kind of processor you want. The two main processor brands most ... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Natalie Hunton

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Name: Natalie Hunton Major:  Accounting/ Operations and Supply Chain Management  Year: First year Hobbies: Archery shooting, rifle... More

Wise Wednesday

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One of most common recommendations to our customers is to back up your data. Many users do this - either to external hard drives, optical disks, or ev... More

Mac Monday: iBooks Author Publishing

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Learn more about iBooks author with resources from Apple.  When ready, find out all you need to know for publishing and distributing your book. &... More

Dayton Life: DAI Exhibits

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This evening, Sister Helen Prejean spoke at UD about her activism against the death penalty and her counseling of death row prisoners. This presentati... More

Media Monday: Interstellar Graphics

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Last night, the movie Interstellar took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. The most notable and impressive effects in the film are the ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Windows 8 Shortcut

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Do you ever feel frustrated by the application tiles on the start screen in Windows 8? While the operating system's new interface is exciting in appea... More

Tech Thursday: Protect Your Identity

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In light of the recent Anthem breach, here are some things you can do to protect yourself, as well as your spouse and dependents, against identity/cre... More


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