Quick Tip Tuesday: Holiday Scams

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Watch out for holiday scams this year as you shop and prepare for the holidays. Scammers take advantage of the holiday season as people shop online an... More

Tech Thursday: 2014 Tech in Review

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Many excellent tech products were produced in 2014. From 4k TVs to home security and coffee makers, it seems as though every industry made technologic... More

Winter Wonderland Wednesday

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The University of Dayton celebrated its 51st Christmas on Campus on Monday, December 8th. The Christmas on Campus tradition started in 1964 with Ellie... More

Mac Monday: Manage Hard Drive Space

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This resource guides you through things you can do to free up valuable storage space.  Perhaps you just want to find those large files or duplica... More

Dayton Life: Orion Testing

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Tomorrow morning, the Orion spacecraft has its next chance of launching on a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral on its Exploration Flight Test ... More

Media Monday: Google Security Tool

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Keep media on your Google account safe by monitoring account activity with Google's new Devices and Activity dashboard. You can find this dashboard by... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Shortcuts

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Most of us know how to copy and paste information by using the shortcut ctrl + C and ctrl + V. However, there are many other useful shortcuts that ca... More

Tech Thursday: Cyber Monday Security

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As we approach the Holiday Season, some of the best shopping days of the year are upon us. Thanksgiving is only a week away and shortly behind that co... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Raphael Crum

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Name: Raphael Crum Major: Biology Year: Sophomore  Hobbies: Long distance running, Triathlon, Backpacking, Ultimate Frisbee, Biology Research... More

UD: Did you Know? - UD Mobile App

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Have you been wondering about updates to UD's mobile app? Over the recent months, the App has gone through several updates and bug fixes. The app is f... More

World News Wednesday: Comet Landing

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Earlier today, the European Space Agency (ESA) made history as they successfully landed the Philae lander on Comet 67P, located at a distance of about... More

Mac Monday: New Apple Hardware & OS

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Apple announced new iPads, a new Mac Mini and the first iMac with Retina Display at a keynote address on October 16, 2014.  Yosemite, OS 10.10 wa... More

Dayton Life: Fall Activities

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Halloween is over, but there are still plenty of fall-themed activities to enjoy around Dayton. Check out the Fall-Winter Bierfest on November 21st a... More

Media Monday: Election Apps

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Election Day is almost upon us! There are several great apps and widgets you can use to help prepare yourself for voting on November 5th. If you have ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Hack the Menu

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All restaurants have the ingredients to prepare more creative and adventurous dishes than what appear on their menus. What would happen if you asked ... More


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