Wise Wednesday

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One of most common recommendations to our customers is to back up your data. Many users do this - either to external hard drives, optical disks, or ev... More

Mac Monday: iBooks Author Publishing

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Learn more about iBooks author with resources from Apple.  When ready, find out all you need to know for publishing and distributing your book. &... More

Dayton Life: DAI Exhibits

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This evening, Sister Helen Prejean spoke at UD about her activism against the death penalty and her counseling of death row prisoners. This presentati... More

Media Monday: Interstellar Graphics

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Last night, the movie Interstellar took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. The most notable and impressive effects in the film are the ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Windows 8 Shortcut

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Do you ever feel frustrated by the application tiles on the start screen in Windows 8? While the operating system's new interface is exciting in appea... More

Tech Thursday: Protect Your Identity

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In light of the recent Anthem breach, here are some things you can do to protect yourself, as well as your spouse and dependents, against identity/cre... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Kelly Sheedy

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Name: Kelly Sheedy Major: Management Information Systems Year: Junior Hobbies: Skateboarding, listening to music, learning new coding languages How lo... More

Mac Monday: A Look at iBooks

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Reading for pleasure, academic purposes, professional development or any other reason, you may find the realm of digital options continue to grow for ... More

Dayton Life: Dayton Autoshow

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Mark your calendars for the Dayton Autoshow, returning to the Dayton Convention Center from February 19 - February 22. Admission price for students wi... More

Media Monday: Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality technology was highlighted this past week at the Sundance Film Festival. Max Rheiner, the creator of Birdly, debuted a full-body virtu... More

Fact Friday: SEP 12 Update

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10 Step How To: Uninstall Symantec 11 and install Symantec 12 on Windows 7 Step 1.  ‘Click’ the windows button in the lower left hand... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Computer Cleaning

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Keeping your computer clean can extend your computer's life and health and also prevent the spread of germs. There are many factors that affect your c... More

Tech Thursday: Wireless Keyboard Security

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There now exists yet another device that can compromise your security - this time, through your wireless keyboard. A KeySweeper appears like a power c... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Everett Zornes

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Name: Everett Zornes Major: Business Year: Freshman Hobbies: Fishing, Cars, Theatre, and Singing How long have you been at UDit?  1 semester What... More

Web Wednesday: Web Browsers

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Welcome back to the University of Dayton!  If you run in to any web-based problems and need to contact IT support, it is always helpful to know ... More


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