Mac Monday: A Look at iBooks

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Reading for pleasure, academic purposes, professional development or any other reason, you may find the realm of digital options continue to grow for ... More

Dayton Life: Dayton Autoshow

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Mark your calendars for the Dayton Autoshow, returning to the Dayton Convention Center from February 19 - February 22. Admission price for students wi... More

Media Monday: Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality technology was highlighted this past week at the Sundance Film Festival. Max Rheiner, the creator of Birdly, debuted a full-body virtu... More

Fact Friday: SEP 12 Update

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10 Step How To: Uninstall Symantec 11 and install Symantec 12 on Windows 7 Step 1.  ‘Click’ the windows button in the lower left hand... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Computer Cleaning

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Keeping your computer clean can extend your computer's life and health and also prevent the spread of germs. There are many factors that affect your c... More

Tech Thursday: Wireless Keyboard Security

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There now exists yet another device that can compromise your security - this time, through your wireless keyboard. A KeySweeper appears like a power c... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Everett Zornes

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Name: Everett Zornes Major: Business Year: Freshman Hobbies: Fishing, Cars, Theatre, and Singing How long have you been at UDit?  1 semester What... More

Web Wednesday: Web Browsers

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Welcome back to the University of Dayton!  If you run in to any web-based problems and need to contact IT support, it is always helpful to know ... More

Mac Monday: Dealing with External Displays

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You need an adapter to connect a Mac to an external display or projector. These resources will help you determine what you need and how to troubleshoo... More

Media Monday: 3D Printing

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Some are calling 2014 the year of 3D printing. 3D printers such as the Makerbot Replicator Mini and the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 AiO have become more ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Holiday Scams

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Watch out for holiday scams this year as you shop and prepare for the holidays. Scammers take advantage of the holiday season as people shop online an... More

Tech Thursday: 2014 Tech in Review

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Many excellent tech products were produced in 2014. From 4k TVs to home security and coffee makers, it seems as though every industry made technologic... More

Winter Wonderland Wednesday

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The University of Dayton celebrated its 51st Christmas on Campus on Monday, December 8th. The Christmas on Campus tradition started in 1964 with Ellie... More

Mac Monday: Manage Hard Drive Space

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This resource guides you through things you can do to free up valuable storage space.  Perhaps you just want to find those large files or duplica... More

Dayton Life: Orion Testing

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Tomorrow morning, the Orion spacecraft has its next chance of launching on a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral on its Exploration Flight Test ... More


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