Dayton Life: Fairs and Festivals

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Some of the best events of the summer are festivals and fairs. Dayton is hosting many great festivals as the summer comes to an end and school starts ... More

Media Monday: Video Auto-Editing

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Cameras are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in every part of our lives – from cat videos to high resolution satellite imagery, and now even mon... More

Fun Friday: Kings Island

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Do you love roller coasters? La Rosa's pizza? Waterparks? If you answered yes to any of those, you need to take a trip down to Mason and visit Kings ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Browser Email Client

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Clicking on an email address in your browser only to have it open the Outlook client can be frustrating and inefficient, especially when you have an u... More

Tech Thursday: Laptop Graphics Hardware

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Are you an Engineering Major who has been wondering what "Dedicated Graphics" are while trying to pick out a laptop for the upcoming School year? With... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Patrick Ireland

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Name:  Patrick Ireland Major:  Biology Year:  Freshman Hobbies:  Playing basketball, baseball and golf. How long have you been at ... More

UD: Did you Know? - Authorized Users

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Did you know? Authorized users can make payments on your behalf from their own account. This makes managing school finances much easier and more conve... More

Wild Wednesday: Batman and Comic-Con

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With DC Comics declaring July 23rd “Batman Day” and the kickoff of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, this is an exciting week to be a comic bo... More

Mac Monday: Apple Retail Store

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While many were excited for the grand opening of the new Apple Retail Store at The Greene on July 19th, others are disappointed that this new store me... More

Dayton Life: National Air Force Museum

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Feeling Patriotic ever since the 4th? One of the best places to visit around the Dayton area is the National Air Force Museum located in Dayton, Ohio... More

Media Monday: VLC Media Player

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Welcome to the first of our monthly Media Monday series on The Wired Flyer blog. Once a month we will post something about viewing or usage of media. ... More

Fun Friday: iPhone 6

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Everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone 6, and rumors are swirling. One thing that increasingly seems to be true is the seemingly i... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Google Tips and Tricks

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Have you ever wanted to find only PDF articles while searching on Google?  Google’s search engine is teeming with tricks and shortcuts to e... More

Tech Thursday: Crowd Source Your Highway Travel

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The Waze App for your Android device and iPhone is a good way to crowdsource your way to highway bliss.  Passengers (remember not to text and dri... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Nick Sykora

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Name: Nick Sykora Major: Computer Science Year: Junior Hobbies: Snowboarding, video games, shenanigans How long have you been at UDit? 3 months What... More


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