Quick Tip Tuesday: Screenshots

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An important step when troubleshooting any computer issue is to take screenshots. If you have to close an error message or it disappears, the screens... More

Tech Thursday: Destiny

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The latest gaming craze since its release a few weeks ago has been Destiny, the newest game from Bungie, the company that brought us Halo. Destiny has... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Will McClure

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Name: Will McClure Major: History Year: 4th year Hobbies: Barbecuing, Intramural sports, and Running Football stats    How long have yo... More

UD: Did you Know? - Guest Access

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Parent’s weekend is coming upon us and lots of guests are going to be joining us on campus. As a quick pro tip, we just wanted to keep you inf... More

Wellness Wednesday: Family Weekend

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Is your family coming to visit UD this weekend? Don’t miss out on anything by downloading the Family Weekend Guidebook App to access ... More

Mac Monday: Mac Hardware

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This semester Mac Monday posts take an in-depth look at hardware, covering terminology, use, troubleshooting, configuring and more. Whether you have a... More

Dayton Life: Urban Nights

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As important as our University of Dayton community is, it’s important to step off campus and explore the City of Dayton community as well. This ... More

Media Monday: Teens React to NES

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Take a break from homework and check out this video of today’s teenagers reacting to playing games on the original Nintendo Entertainment Consol... More

Fun Friday: Game Streaming

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Are you interested in streaming your gameplay for others to watch? Twitch is a streaming website/app that was recently acquired by Amazon for $970 mil... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Identify Scam Emails

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Have you ever received an email that was asking for sensitive information, but you didn’t recognize the sender or some of the graphics seemed wr... More

Tech Thursday: Windows 8 and Virtual Files

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Did you download Microsoft Office 2013 from UD’s software site only to find it was a Disc Image File? This type of file, also called an ISO, is ... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Jana Sztuk

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Name: Jana Sztuk Major: MIS and Leadership Year: Junior Hobbies: Playing lacrosse, enjoying my new porch and of course, making dreams come true. ... More

UD: Did you Know? - First Year Passwords

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Attention all first-year students! You are now able to log in at porches.udayton.edu and change your passwords! Upon logging into Porches, you will se... More

Welcome Back!

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We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome back all of our student body and student workers from their long summer break! We are looking forward t... More

Mac Monday: Apple Hardware Test

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Did you know that Apple computers come with a pre-installed suite of hardware diagnostic tools? This suite, known as the Apple Hardware Test, is a goo... More


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