Fun Friday - Playstation App


Playstation App

                The Playstation App is a new way to manage and communicate through your Playstation Network Account. Any user who has signed up and has a registered PSN account can download the free application from the iOS and Android App Stores. The application allows you to manage purchases, set downloads to begin, and view manuals for games and other applications.

                Also included are connectivity features that allow your phone to become an extension of your Playstation 4, Playstation 3, or PS Vita. Your phone, through the app, can act as a second screen for maps or inventory in select games. You can also use the app as a keyboard to type messages, which allows for quicker and easier typing as compared to using the controller. Also included in the app are networking features including Messages, your PSN Friends List, Trophies, and a recent activity feed.

                The App has been a huge success thus far and is constantly gaining new features as it has more time to develop. Give it a try today!

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