Mac Monday: Protecting Your Mac Hard Disk on the Go.

When you want to transport any laptop, it is safest for the hard disk if you shut down the computer before you close it up and walk off with it.  If you are dead set on merely putting your Mac to sleep before carrying it, you need to be aware of a feature called "Safe Sleep" that Apple has been including in its systems since 2005.  When you close the lid, the contents of the computer's memory are saved to its hard disk before the computer sleeps.  That will allow you to pick up where you left off even if the battery completely discharges (you will have to connect it to a power source if the battery dies).  The downside is that the disk is very busy for about a minute after you close the lid.  You need to be careful not to subject the computer to any vibration or shock during that time.  You will know that the disk has spun down and is safe to move when you see the sleep indicator pulsing (it cycles between brightening and dimming).

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