Mac Monday: Opening Folders and Files

Mac MondayWant to open a folder? You’ve got options. Select a folder in a Finder window, open the File menu and press the Control key to change the Open command to Open in New Window. Not only do you get to keep the original window around for further work, but also the new window displays the folder’s contents the way you last left it—say, in a short-but-wide, Icon-view window in the lower right of the screen—instead of using the current window’s settings. If you prefer to use the keyboard, press Command as you double-click a folder to get the same effect.

When you want to open a folder the way you left it, but don’t want to be stuck with two open windows, use the Option key to change the Open command toOpen in New Window and Close. The original window will close as the new one opens.

With a file selected, pressing the Option key changes the Open command toOpen and Close Window. It sounds like a practical joke, but is merely practical, since it opens your document and closes its no-longer-needed window in the Finder. Another approach for this clean-as-you-go procedure is pressing Option when you double-click a folder or file.

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