Mac Monday: Mac Hardware

MacInfoThis semester Mac Monday posts take an in-depth look at hardware, covering terminology, use, troubleshooting, configuring and more.

Whether you have a new Mac or one you have owned for a few years, it is a good idea to understand the hardware.  If you are in need of service on your Mac, you should be able to describe your machine in much the same way as you provide information about the car you drive. There are a number of reasons why you need to provide this information. For instance, students needing Windows on a Mac laptop (otherwise known as Boot Camp) should make sure enough space is free for the Windows operating system. The formula to determine if there is enough space is as follows: 10% of total drive capacity plus 250 GB for engineering majors or 100 GB all other majors.  Another reason to know your hardware is that it may help you evaluate whether or not you want to upgrade an existing Mac or purchase a new one. 

The video and article below cover four ways to get you what you need to know about your Mac:

Video (4:37 minutes):


Bonus: Check out the iTunes Music Festival - 30 days of free performances during September.

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