Mac Monday: Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt port

Thunderbolt symbol

Thunderbolt ports are the fastest ports on the Mac and are included on all the latest models.

Thunderbolt 2 is in the new Mac Pro.  Thunderbolt has a speed of 10 GBit/s with Thunderbolt 2 clocking in at 20 Gbit/s.

Thunderbolt ports are rectangular, straight on one side, curved on the other with a rectangular bar inside the port.

Cables should be inserted with the Thunderbolt symbol facing the user.

Thunderbolt ports are incredibly powerful and versatile. 

They can be daisy-chained, and with the addition of low-cost adapters, can connected to Firewire 400/800, network, or digital video devices. 

Bonus: Mark your calendars for a big announcement from Apple at 1:00 pm EST on October 16th! 

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