Media Monday: Google Security Tool

DashboardKeep media on your Google account safe by monitoring account activity with Google's new Devices and Activity dashboard. You can find this dashboard by navigating to your account by clicking on your account picture in the top right hand corner of your email account, then by clicking Account. From there, click on the Security heading to see the Recent Activity section. View all activity in the dashboard which allows you to see which devices at what times and locations have been accessing your account. If you notice any suspicious activity, there is an option to immediately take action to secure your account. The list of devices accessing your account stays up to date for the past 28 days. If a new device recently accessed your account, "New" is positioned next to the listing in all caps. 

If you are concerned about your account's security, you can also enable two-step verification, review account permissions, and check app passwords to ensure your account is as safe as possible. 

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