HBO GO coming to your screen 2016!

In collaboration with Student Development & SGA, UDit hopes to enable HBO Go for viewing to all UD-residential students. The HBO contract restricts access to only UD-residential students. These residential students will be able to sign in form any network on or off campus during regular semesters. UDit is currently working on creating the HBO Go with the current UD network accounts, so you can use the same login information.
UD's CIO Dr. Skill made the announcement to SGA over the weekend and the good news had been spreading. This added benefit to our students is made possible by the increasing the bandwidth over the past couple of years. This additional bandwidth should create enough throughput for happy streaming to customers.
What if I live in a landlord house?
Unfortunately, this service will only be available to residential students. Maybe a friend will have you over to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones!
Will there be an additional cost for HBO Go access?
Nope, This service is included in housing costs and will be given to all residential students!
More information about  the release date and account access will be released at a later date, so stay tuned!
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