Quick Tip Tuesday: Google Tips and Tricks

Quick Tip Tuesday: GoogleHave you ever wanted to find only PDF articles while searching on Google?  Google’s search engine is teeming with tricks and shortcuts to enhance your searches to be more specific and efficient.  For instance, if you are wanting results that are only PDFs, simply add filetype:pdf after your search terms.  You can also use the minus (-) sign to exclude all results that include that word, which is particularly useful for words with multiple meanings, like Tesla the automotive brand and Tesla the inventor.  When you want to see what pages are linking to your website, you can search for those pages by simply typing in link: then the URL.  One of the most useful features of Google is the reverse image search where you can drag an image into the image search bar to find results for images that are similar to yours, other sizes of the image you searched for, and web results for pages that include matching images.

Find more great search tips at this website and on Google.

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