Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Identify Scam Emails

PhishingHave you ever received an email that was asking for sensitive information, but you didn’t recognize the sender or some of the graphics seemed wrong? This was probably a phishing attempt. Phishing hackers will create emails that pretend to be from a trusted university, bank, or retailer in an effort to collect your account information or credit card details. Here are some tips to help you tell if an email is legitimate:

  • Hover over the email address to make sure it’s coming from a trusted contact.
  • If there is a link in the email, hover over the link with your cursor to make sure you recognize the domain. For instance, all UD affiliated websites end in “udayton.edu”.
  • Incorrect grammar/spelling: many phishers will use misspelled words on purpose to find and target less savvy users.

Find out more great tips on how to identify scam emails here!

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