Quick Tip Tuesday: Screenshots


An important step when troubleshooting any computer issue is to take screenshots. If you have to close an error message or it disappears, the screenshot will give you a visual record of the issue, and any IT support you contact can use the screenshot for more efficient problem-solving.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on a Windows machine:

  • You can press PrtScrn button on your keyboard, usually located near the F12 button. After pressing the button, you can paste the image in to Word or Paint.
  • In Windows 8, you can save a full-screen screenshot directly to a file by pressing the Win button and the PrtScr button.
  • Use the Snipping Tool to draw a box around the part of your display you would like an image of. Fun fact, while the default Snip is a rectangle, you can also set the tool to snip a drawn free-form shape. You will be able to edit the snip or save it after drawing the shape.

Check out this link – with screenshots! – for more information. 

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