Quick Tip Tuesday: Hack the Menu

Hack the Menu

All restaurants have the ingredients to prepare more creative and adventurous dishes than what appear on their menus. What would happen if you asked them to try something different, to attempt something a little more exciting? Hack the Menu is a website that provides you with all the tips you need to access the secret menus of some of your favorite chain restaurants, including Chipotle, Starbucks, KFC, and more. Ask for the quesarito at Chipotle to indulge in a burrito whose shell is actually a cheese quesadilla. While this popular dish is available at most locations, other menu hacks are seasonal. The McLeprechaun Shake at McDonalds, for example, can only be obtained during March. The double girlled-cheese burger, which is exactly what it sounds like, is only available at some locations. So learn the secrets and the tips of how to obtain these secret foods at Hack the Menu!

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