Quick Tip Tuesday: Holiday Scams

ScamWatch out for holiday scams this year as you shop and prepare for the holidays. Scammers take advantage of the holiday season as people shop online and let down their guard in order to finish their shopping quickly. Some things in particular to watch out for are charity phishing, email banking, and fake invoice scams. For any charity requests you receive, make sure you've researched the charity and that the website or place you deliver the money to is a real location. It is sometime helpful to follow up with charities via a phone call to make sure you are actually donating to the needy. Be wary of unexpected banking emails you receive. Phishers will send an official looking email asking for account information or financial data. It is best practice to never provide any of this information via email. As you shop online and over the phone, also watch out for fake invoices that ask for your credit card deals. 

Check out the entire list of things to watch out for to keep yourself safe this holiday season! 


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