Quick Tip Tuesday: Windows 10

Windows 10If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, make sure you check out some of these quick tips to get the most out of the new operating system. 

  • Make sure Cortana is always listening for instructions by enabling her to respond to "Hey Cortana." 
  • Customize your Start (thankfully it's back!) menu. By default, it is a blend of the Live Tiles and the traditional interface, but both parts can be designed to meet your needs. 
  • File explorer defaults to a new Quick Access view in Windows 10 that shows your most frequently accessed folders and files. However, this can be easily changed to the Windows 8 "This PC" mode by changing the View options. 
  • Schedule when your computer restarts to install updates.
  • Create videos of an application in action using Game DVR.

For more information on these tips and how to utilize them, check out this slideshow

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