Service Desk Spotlight: Adam Walter

adam walterName:
Adam S. Walter
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Disc Jockey / Soccer Ref / Ultimate Frisbee / Prototyping
How long have you been at UDit?
2.5 years
What is your true passion?
Progression of technology and the way in which it is used.
What 3 skills have you gained from working here that have helped you grow?
Collaboration with others, Leadership skills, and benefits that going over the expectations of your supervisor will open doors for your future.
Favorite part of working at UDit.
The family that I have gained while working here has made this place one of the most favorite places I have worked.
Any tech advice you'd like to give our followers?
Technology is ever growing and evolving.That being said, one can not forget the importance that a personal connection or communication can take them in a world where emails are the new standard. It is also a good practice to not to let electronics drive your life. It is ok to set them down and enjoy the world around you.
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