Service Center Student Spotlight: Blake Stegemiller

blakeName: Blake Stegemiller
Major: Management Information Systems with a Concentration in Cyber Security
Year: 3rd (Junior)
Hobbies: I am really big into sports. I used to play a lot, mostly soccer, but recently I am more of a spectator. I follow the Pacers and the Colts. Go Horse!
How long have you been at UDit? 7 months
What is your true passion? I love helping people and I love working on computers. I guess IT is my true passion.  I love what I do and I enjoy the people that I work with.

What 3 skills have you gained from working here that has helped you grow?
1) Social Skills - I feel more comfortable talking to people and explaining and discussing technical issues with them.
2) Organization - I work a lot of hours and that requires me to have a set schedule for work, school, and also a social life.
3) Teaching - I am part of a few people in UDit who teach and present a Virus Removal Training Session. This is still fairly new and preliminary, but so far it's definitely been a good learning experience.
Favorite part of working at UDit: Magic (sorry this is an inside joke). But really I love hanging out with the people that I work with. Everyone is very laid back and very friendly. It makes doing my job that much easier and that much more fun.
Any tech advice you'd like to give our followers? Update your Java. Please. Do it now. Also, if you're a Google Chrome or Firefox user you should download AdBlock from either the Chrome Web Store (AdBlock) or the Firefox Add On Store (AdBlock Plus). A very useful tool that can definitely keep you from accidentally clicking on things that you shouldn't be clicking on.

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