Monday April 8, 2013

Service Center Student Spotlight: Kathryn Schilling

KSName: Kathryn Schilling
Major: Pre-Medicine/Psychology 
Year: Sophomore 
Hobbies: Is Pinterest a hobby? 
How long have you been at UDit?  This is my first year. 
What is your true passion? 
Reaching out to those who are left behind-- especially kids with special needs. They have a lot to teach us about patience, humility, and appreciation for the little things in life. 
What 3 skills have you gained from working here that has helped you grow? 
Problem solving, working efficiently, communication
Favorite part of working at UDit.
I love the people that I work with as well as the computer skills I have picked up. Every day I learn something new about technology, it's great! 
Any tech advice you'd like to give our followers?
You would be surprised by how many of your software related issues can be solved by uninstalling and re-installing the program. Also, don't carry your laptop around in sleep mode, and restart it every couple of days.


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