Service Desk Spotlight: Kait Knife


Name: Kaitlin (Kait) Knife
Major: MIS
Year: Junior
Hobbies: Cheerleading for UD, my sorority Kappa Delta, reading, shopping, playing candy crush, talking, watching movies, playing with my dogs and more shopping.
How long have you been at UDit?
I have been at UDit since the summer before my freshman year and every semester since (including summers). So 3 years.
What is your true passion?
My true passion is for people. I love to have fun, talk, and make others smile.
What 3 skills have you gained from working here that has helped you grow?
1. Leadership skills
2. Troubleshooting skills
3. Customer service skills

Favorite part of working at UDit.
Although this is a typical answer I have to say the people, because I really mean it. Everyone here is so knowledgeable and I have learned a lot from them. I enjoy coming to work every day because I get to see all the wonderful people I work with. We have the best times especially in the summer! :)
Any tech advice you'd like to give our followers?
1. Please use an anti-virus program on your computer and make sure it is always up to date!
2. Back up your data!
3. Updates are important for your computer: Do them! (but not the Bing bar)

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