1st Round Draft Choices in the IT world

It isn't often when seniors get full-time job offers this early in the school year; however, our IT Service Center team has four that have already accepted positions.  Kelly, Lauren, Ray & Jana have been selected to start their professional careers after college with GE Corporate, GE Aviation, Johnson & Johnson and Liberty Mutual.  All are deserving of such an honor with a combined 12 years of IT Service Center experience.
first rounders

The IT Service Center family could not be happier with the career development of these four individuals and the long bright future they all have ahead.  They are leaders in our organization and demonstrate that hard work, positive attitudes and teamwork are the building blocks for future success.  Our IT Service Center team would like to thank our seniors for modeling the way.
Please check out our future spotlights for a glimpse at some of these 1st round draft choices and up and coming talented employees.  
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