Service Sunday: Quick Service!

Has your computer been running slowly? Perhaps it's not nearly as fast as the day you arrived on campus, or maybe you've recently been neglecting your computer due to March Madness (who can blame you?) Here are some quick tips to keep your computer in tip top shape to get you through the last couple months of the semester:

1. Backup everything! - We get it all the time, "That was my only copy" - but bad Hard Drives DO happen, even if your computer is newer. Technology is never a guarantee, and external storage has been reaching price points that aren't too bad for the typical college student.

2. Clean up your computer! - One of the best and easiest ways to clean up your computer is to literally do just that - clean it. A lot of times your computers keys will get stuck, or fans will become less efficient; Don't worry, this happens to everyone. Occasionally it is a great idea to give a quick clean up with a Clorox wipe, or use some compressed air to blow out your fan.

3. CCleaner - CCleaner is a free program that we have mentioned previously on our Blog. It is a great little program that will clean up any gunk left behind on the inside of your computer. It cleans temporary files, temporary internet files, and clears your cookies and cache. This is a good idea because sometimes websites and other applications can lose functionality over time. It also clears out your Recyclng Bin - so you don't have to! On average, CCleaner can help clear up about 2-4 GB's (Gigabytes) of space, that was being used for nothing other than gunk.

Let us know if these tips work for you! Go Flyers!

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