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Howdy Wired Flyer Readers!!

I’d like to introduce you to Tech Shop Thursdays. Once a month we will give you a glimpse into some of the products the Tech Shop sells as well as a product review.

The UD Tech Shop is located on the ground floor of Miriam Hall and can be reached by phone at 937-229-3573 or email at

From Feb. 18th to Feb. 22nd, the Tech Shop will be having a 20% off sale on headphones!!  They offer over 10 different styles. Below is a review on a popular style.

Aerial Neo Headphones

Aerial7My first impression of the headphones was that the cord looked very durable. It is not your typical headphone cord. It looks like a nylon coating over the wires, which so far has held up great. It comes with 4 different ear bud attachments which ensure that one will fit for most everyone. I personally enjoy the memory foam ear bud attachment. They fit nicely into my ears and work great at canceling out some outside noise even without playing music. To me, they eliminate mostly all noise with the volume on my phone being less than ¾ full. The microphone works great and doesn't make me sound like I’m in a wind tunnel like the old Apple headphones do. In comparison to the Apple headphones provided with the iPhone these have much better sound quality and are more comfortable and durable. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a replacement to those basic Apple headphones. I would also recommend these over the Beats in-ear headphones. I have tried the Beats and the Aerial 7  headphones are much more comfortable and are a quarter the price.

-Review by Jacob Clancy, UD Tech Shop student worker

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