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Tech Thursday: Spotify


Spotify has become one of the biggest and most popular music services around. Most have heard of it at some point in recent years, and the name is only getting bigger. Developed in 2006, it has grown from the small, web-based Pandora competitor into a full-fledged iTunes replacement. It is now available on all mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.) and any computer that has a flash-enabled browser. A free subscription nets you access from the application or the web app, a 4.99 option nets you unlimited mobile streaming and a 9.99 per month subscription gets you unlimited access to the mobile app, and customizable sound quality. Playlists can be assembled and downloaded to your device and played as much as you’d like (as long as you are still a current member). The library of music currently includes over 20 million songs, and is constantly growing. Spotify also lets you browse Playlists that other users have created. The service is constantly growing, and is worth a look if you’ve ever been interested in it in the past.

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