Tech Thursday: Wireless Keyboard Security

keyboardThere now exists yet another device that can compromise your security - this time, through your wireless keyboard. A KeySweeper appears like a power charger that can be plugged in to the wall, but inside contains an Arduino microcontroller that allows the device to connect to nearby wireless keyboards. When it connects to a wireless keyboard, it decrypts and logs all keystrokes which are then relayed over the Internet or stored on flash memory inside the KeySweeper. Wireless keyboards frequently have little to no security, so many are suspectible to this kind of attack. 

Some recommend simply not using wireless keyboards in order to defend against this risk. Microsoft has issued a statement regarding the device, saying that "customers using our Bluetooth-enabled keyboards are protected from this type of attack. In addition, users of our 2.4GHz wireless keyboard designs from July 2011 onwards are also protected because these keyboards use Advance Encryption Standard (AES) technology. If you are concerned about this issue, research your model of wireless keyboard to find out if it is at risk. 

Here is a link with more information:

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